The importance of a roof inspection after installation

Posted By  rcc_admin  |  August 16, 2022

Roof inspections after an installation are critical in ensuring that the structural integrity of the roof is excellent and that it can withstand all weather conditions. A roof inspection after installation also helps to check for any potential problems, whether that is in the roofing material or the installation process. 

The last thing you want after having installed a new roof is for water to be leaking through it during a rainy day or for cracks to appear. Here are some of the reasons why a roof inspection is critical after an installation.


Experienced roof inspectors will thoroughly check the roof material and perform a comprehensive investigation to determine if the roof can withstand inclement weather. Some of the things they may look out for are if the roof provides proper perimeter security and if there is any wet insulation. 

Ensuring that the roof is installed properly and there are no defects in the installation process will prevent any leaks from occurring in the roof.

Warranty Repairs

After the installation of the new roof, your warranty will activate and be valid for a certain timeline. Having a roof inspection ensures that any potential problems that may arise due to incorrect installation or defects in the roofing material can be covered under your warranty. 

This prevents any out-of-pocket expenses should your newly installed roof require further repairs or maintenance works. Do note that for warranty repairs, the manufacturer or contractor may visit the property site to determine if the roof is still covered under the warranty, hence you should prepare any warranty documents beforehand and file the claim on time.

Poor Sealing and Flashing

A common cause of damage in newly installed roofs is poor sealing and flashing. Some roof technicians, especially those who are new to the job, may not know how to professionally flash roof all types of roofing systems so that water is efficiently redirected elsewhere from vulnerable areas. This is important as it will prevent further roof damage and the heavier expenses associated with it. 

Some roof technicians may also not properly seal your roof. The roof sealant is important as it helps to extend the lifespan of your roof while providing an extra layer of protective coating to reduce the damage from extreme weather conditions and constant sunlight exposure. A roof inspection can help to check for these issues and recommend the necessary repairs needed to resolve them quickly.

Damages by Foot Traffic

Roof inspections also help to check for any damages by foot traffic. Sometimes, during or just after the installation process, the installers may tread on the metal, asphalt, or fiberglass roofs which may threaten the structural integrity of the roof. This is especially because most roofing materials are unable to resist heavy impacts and may get damaged in the process.

Roof Inspection by Experienced Roof Inspector

Reynolds Construction Company provides commercial roof inspection services to check for the quality and condition of your roof. We also check for any potential problems during our inspection. Our professional roof inspection services are conducted by a highly experienced roof inspector with extensive knowledge and training in roof repairs and maintenance.


Why choose Roof Core Cut

Core cut analysis is a critical step in helping to determine and recommend a new roof system. Without accurate information, a professional roofing contractor cannot offer accurate pricing.

Basing price on assumptions without confirming accurate information leaves the contractor and customer open to a project where a contractor may cut corners to remain whole on the project or change order the customer for the difference.

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