As a place of worship, churches are integral to our well-being and help improve the quality of our life.

Such environments should provide safety, security and peace of mind for prayer and meditation. Roofing plays a huge role in this, which is why it’s important to schedule regular maintenance to avoid wear and tear.


In the southern states, especially where inclement weather is the norm, good roofing is paramount.

Why Choose Reynolds Construction & Commercial Roofing as Your Church Roofing Contractor?

Does your church have multiple buildings all made of different materials and shapes?

Does your church have a strict budget for construction-related expenditures? At Reynolds Construction & Commercial Roofing, we provide you with custom-fit roofing to ensure that the roofing is tailor-made to your building. Moreover, having worked for a variety of church roofing before, we are experienced in considering the budget to develop and deliver cost-effective solutions. Churches will never be empty which is why we can guarantee that services and other activities will not have to be disrupted throughout the installation process. We adhere to a set of strict safety guidelines and have a professional crew to ensure that our roofing services meet the highest standards.


Church Roofing Services in Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Louisiana & Mississippi

We understand that churches are an important part of life in Arkansas and Missouri. However, weather conditions can damage your roof, which is why we offer a comprehensive set of commercial roofing services from roof evaluation to installation.

Our Capabilities Include:

Church Roofing Repair

Church Roof Maintenance

Church Roof Inspection

Church Roof Evaluation

Church Roof Installation

Commercial Roof Repairs

Church Roofing Repair

Whether you have a flat, low-sloped or pitched roof, they experience various types of damage. We make roofing repair easy for our clients by being upfront about the costs and timeframe required.


Church Roof Maintenance

With maintenance services like visual inspection, debris removal, a detailed condition report with photographs, repair of surface defects and power washing, you can be assured that you’ll be saving money on costlier repair work down the road.

Commercial Roof Evaluation

Church Roof Inspection

A thorough and detailed roof inspection by our professional crew with decades of experience can help identify problem areas and potential solutions for your roof.

Commercial Roof Inspection

Church Roof Evaluation

We understand that places of worship may not always have the funds needed for repairs and maintenance work so our complimentary evaluation helps you understand the condition of your roof before you commit.

Duro Last Membrane

Church Roof Installation

Our dedicated employees will be on call before, during and after the installation process to ensure that your queries are addressed satisfactorily.

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Church Remodeling & Construction Services in Arkansas & Missouri

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In Arkansas and beyond, Reynolds Construction is known for its excellent management of manpower, materials and equipment. As licensed general contractors we supervise the progress of our projects daily. Our workers are loyal and dedicated and we’ve even won awards for keeping worker’s compensation costs low. We leverage the latest technology to ensure that our products are unmatched in durability.

Here are our commercial remodeling & construction capabilities:

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