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Duro-Last Roofing System and Reynolds Construction Company are unquestionably the best commercial roofing system and commercial roofing company in the industry. For a durable, reliable Flat Roof System, Reynolds Construction Company chooses Duro-Last PVC Roofing Membrane. This extremely durable system is watertight, chemical resistant, highly reflective, and virtually maintenance-free. When you need a new or replacement roof on a flat-roof building, trust us to provide it with maximum quality and safety.

What sets Duro-Last apart from traditional roofs is the fact that it is custom-fabricated in a controlled factory environment. Whereas the typical membrane is seamed on the building, 85% of the seams on Duro-Last roofing products are completed indoors, where there can be much tighter quality control. This means there is a significantly lower risk of leaks compared to other types of roofs.

Beyond that, there are a host of additional benefits. Because it is delivered to the job site mostly completed, a Duro-Last roof can be installed much faster and with less waste. Property owners can experience reduced project times, superior waterproofing, and fewer disruptions to their schedules.

The prefabricated accessories also result in easier installations at transitions and cleaner aesthetics on the finished product. Our status as long-time Duro-Last commercial roofing contractors enables us to deliver all the advantages of this system to its fullest extent.

We know these products better than practically any other commercial roofing contractor in the area, ensuring that you and your building can get the most from your Duro-Last membrane once it is installed.

When you want to provide the exceptional moisture protection these systems have to offer to your commercial property, Reynolds Construction Company is the one and only Duro-Last roofing company you should call.

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Reynolds Construction Company is your commercial flat roof and low slope commercial roof contractor in Arkansas. We work with a wide range of commercial, governmental, and other entities. Whether you run a health care facility, hospitality business, church, school, government state or federal agency, retail store, industrial facility, or almost any other commercial enterprise, we are here to help.  Our team can inspect your low-slope roof and provide honest advice about the best solution.

Why Reynolds?

We are the longest standing Duro-Last installer in Arkansas. We maintain a Platinum Contractor status having installed over 10 million square feet of Duro-Last roofing membrane to date.

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Located in the mid-south, our commercial roofing company is proud to have provided consistent and quality services to a wide variety of industries and businesses in Arkansas and its surrounding states for over 30 years. Wherever you are in the area, we are your contractor for a roof inspection, repair, or maintenance. We also provide general contracting services such as  PVC roofing installation in Arkansas and Missouri. 

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Reynolds Construction Company is an authorized Duro-Last® contractor, and we carry a JOC contract for commercial roofing and construction services. Our company has partnered with The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) to help customers reduce their cost of procuring roofing systems. Non-profit organizations, counties, cities, hospitals, universities, and schools are eligible entities that can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Expedite and streamline the contract procurement process.
  • Unlock significant money-saving opportunities.
  • Access best-in-class roofing contractors.
  • Reduce project execution time, order changes, and hassles.
  • Negotiate with only one supplier, i.e., single-sourcing.
  • … and more!
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