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Commercial Paint Services

Need commercial painting services?

Looking for commercial painting services to suit the interior and exterior needs of your building? At Reynolds Construction & Commercial Roofing, we provide quality commercial painting and finishing services throughout Arkansas and Missouri. Our professional commercial painters have the knowledge and know-how to efficiently complete your next commercial or industrial painting project. Below is an overview of our commercial painting services.

Services Offered:

  • Cleaning and Surface Preparation (includes Power Washing and Surface Blasting with Aggregate or Soda Blasting)
  • Specialty Finishes (e.g., Epoxy and Catalyzed Finishing)
  • Interior Drywall Finishing
  • Interior Painting for Floors, Walls, Trim, Cabinets, and Doors
  • Exterior Painting for Metal, Masonry, Wood, and EIFS Surfaces
Commercial Contractor


Services Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Our exterior painting services cover materials like metal, masonry, wood, and EIFS.

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Services Interior Painting

Interior Painting

We carry out interior painting on surfaces like floors, walls, trim, cabinets, & doors.

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Services Cleaning Surface Preparation

Cleaning and Surface Preparation

To clean and prepare the surface for paint, we will use power washing and surface blasting with aggregate or soda blasting.

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Services Drywall Finishing

Drywall Finishing

The drywall will be finished to get it ready for paint or wallpaper.

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Services Electrostatic painting

Electrostatic Paint

Electrostatic painting coats grounded metal surfaces using positively-charged paint particles from a special gun, resulting in an even coat that minimizes waste and overspray.

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