The roofing industry can be dangerous, but it should not be. With the right safety equipment and roofing safety plan, you can keep the workers safe from things such as hazards and falls. There are many necessary precautions you can take for roofers to be kept secure. Read on for a roofing safety checklist you can follow!

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What Are Commercial Roofing Safety Services?

Essential Safety Precautions

Safety precautions are not just about wearing safety glasses and hardhats, although those are crucial items to have. Safety precautions also include having proper training, physical barriers, proper equipment, excellent communication, and extra support for your roofers who are working on the construction site.

Perimeter Flag Lines And Safety Rails

The law states that any roofer who works on a surface with an edge that is unprotected and 6 feet or higher, has to be protected from falling through having guardrail systems, warning line systems, fall arrest systems, or safety net systems. The first step to take is to install perimeter flag lines that are six feet in from the edges. This ensures that the workers are alerted from the moment they step on the roof. These rope lines and bright flags will make sure that no one gets too close to the edge.

Access Ladders

Ladders are one of the causes of falling on construction sites, especially for commercial roofing. Anytime there is a break in elevation, ladders have to be provided. The fixed access ladders are important for commercial roof repair. With these ladders, workers can move around safely without having worries about falling.

Training For Safety

Climbing a ladder requires a set of proper instructions too. You are required to train workers to use all the equipment safely. This includes using fall protection systems, ladders, scaffolds, and any other equipment involved. Employers have to train the roofers to recognize hazards too. Workers have to learn how to inspect, maintain and disassemble the fall protection equipment. The equipment has to be properly maintained and used at all times. Any changes will require further training.

Protective Equipment

Employers must ensure that the workers wear the proper safety equipment for the job. They are responsible to provide training in the inspection, use, and care of any protective equipment. When using power tools and compressed air, roofers must wear hearing and eye protection. There should be a safety device to make sure the power tools don’t accidentally discharge. They must be able to check that the tool’s pressure is adjusted accurately according to the recommendations. If there are hazardous substances around, workers must know how to use and wear respirators.

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