Electrostatic Painting Guide

Are the old metal fixtures in your commercial premises, such as window frames, lockers, and cabinets, looking old and tired? Although they may still serve their purpose functionally, no doubt, they can give off a careworn look that’s unappealing to employees, visitors, and customers, leaving behind a bad impression. When looking to give your metal surfaces a new lease of life, electrostatic painting is the way to go.

What Is Electrostatic Painting?

If there are rusted metal surfaces on your commercial property, it’s a bad idea to leave them as they are. Besides conveying an air of unprofessionalism, it can result in functional problems down the road if the problem isn’t taken care of timely. Electrostatic painting makes use of electrically charged particles to improve the accuracy of a paint job on a conductor. On top of that, it helps to prevent over-spraying for a neat and consistent appearance.

The Difference Between Electrostatic Painting and Powder Coating

You may be wondering how electrostatic painting compares to powder coating. While powder coating similarly makes use of electric charges to create a bond between the paint and the painted object, it does not dry onsite like electrostatic paint does. Instead, the drying process has to take place in an oven, which requires transporting the object and results in additional time and labor.

With electrostatic painting, no transportation is required and everything can be done quickly and fuss-free, right onsite. In addition, you don’t have to wait for harmful fumes to dissipate before resuming business. This ensures a very short period of downtime, allowing your commercial operations to go back to business within mere days!

Benefits of Electrostatic Painting

There are numerous benefits you can reap from electrostatic painting, which include the following:

  • Restore your metal surfaces to their former glory, allowing them to look brand new again
  • Increase the value and appeal of your commercial premises, whether that is to employees, guests, or paying customers
  • Painting can be done in your choice of color(s) and is able to last for years to come, making it a worthy investment
  • Electrostatic paint can replicate original factory paint with virtually no difference
  • Works on a wide range of surfaces, including gates, lockers, window frames, refrigerator doors, metal seating, and more!

Reynolds Construction Company Offers Electrostatic Painting Services to Suit Your Needs

Are you looking for electrostatic painting services to suit your commercial purposes? If so, our team at Reynolds Construction Company is ready to rise up to the challenge. We offer a wide range of commercial painting services to suit different needs, including interior and exterior painting. You will find electrostatic painting to be a quick and cost-effective solution when you need to breathe new life into your metal fixtures and surfaces, including metal chair frames, desks, school lockers, decorative ironwork, and many more. When you first engage our services, we will carry out a thorough inspection of your premises before itemizing each service that needs to be carried out. To find out more about our electrostatic painting service, contact us today!