Seasonal Roof Maintenance

Seasonal Roof Management

All Seasons

It is important to inspect your roof and take the necessary steps to prepare your roof for the harsh weather months

to come. The best maintenance is preventative maintenance, it proactively stops problems before they start. 

If you notice your roof is covered in debris and your gutters are not properly working, contact Reynolds Construction &

Commercial Roofing. We will ensure your commercial roof is in the best shape possible when fall and winter come. 


Clear off debris

As the trees start shedding, a collection of leaves can add up quickly. Leaves may not weigh a ton but will add pressure on your roof after a rainstorm. Small pieces of dirt, pine needles, and leaves can contain moisture, rot, or mold that can break down the material and cause roof leaks. When safe, remove debris from the surface of your roof or contact Reynolds Construction & Commercial Roofing. 


Clean the gutters

A buildup of leaves and debris can pose a series of issues if you are not taking the time to remove them. A thorough cleaning of your gutters can prevent problems and keep maintenance costs at a lower, more manageable level. Clearing out gutters will help prevent rainwater from backing up on your roof and possibly leaking into your building. 


Evaluate your roof's surroundings

Are there any tree branches hanging over your roof? If so, cut them down or hire a professional. Surrounding trees and limbs hanging over your roof is a hazard. Snow and freezing rain add weight and can cause the branches to break onto your roof and possibly penetrate your roof's membrane. 

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