Roof Maintenance Services

Protect your commercial roof investment with a maintenance plan!

Your roof is exposed to elements daily and will experience some degree of wear and tear. When performing your maintenance inspection, we will not only check for current problems but also areas that could present issues in the future.

Unexpected repairs happen, maintenance plans will minimize, if not eliminate, those repairs. 

Our goal is to keep your commercial roof in its best condition with a comprehensive, proactive maintenance plan. 

At Reynolds Construction & Commercial Roofing, we suggest commercial roof maintenance services and inspections at least twice a year, after severe weather events, and seasonal roofing upkeep. 

Contact Reynolds Construction & Commercial Roofing to discuss a commercial roof maintenance program for your roof. 

prepare your commercial roof for fall & winter

Commercial roof maintenance includes

  • Visual inspection
  • Debris removal
  • Condition report with photographs
  • Repair roof surface defects

    Water-entry points, and damage (if needed)

  • Power washing (if needed)


At Reynolds Construction & Commercial Roofing, we provide a free inspection and estimate before we proceed with repairs. We will itemize all needed repairs and give you a complete and accurate assessment of repairs necessary. If quantifiable repairs are not possible, then we will negotiate a time and material contract to perform needed repairs. If a full replacement is required, we will work with you and help you decide what roofing system would serve you and your commercial building in the best possible way.

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