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Are you carrying out an interior painting project in your commercial building? For best results, you want to carefully consider each step of the process – from choosing the right color to thinking about what your employees might need while the project is being carried out. We’ve compiled 5 tips that will help ensure that your painting project goes smoothly for everyone.


This boils down to more than just choosing a color that looks good. Picking the right color for your commercial interior is a chance for you to emphasize brand identity and values. For instance, multi-unit office buildings or law firms would benefit from a neutral color palette that is subtle and tasteful, while retail stores or beauty salons would be better suited to a bolder palette. When it comes to bold colors in paintwork however, you don’t want to overwhelm your customers – utilize bold colors in accents instead.


After you’ve chosen your color palette, it’s time to prepare your space. You will want to remove decorations from your surfaces and make sure that light-weight furniture is not resting against your walls. Some things you can do is cover your furniture with plastic and your floors with a cloth. You might want to tape the edges of the floor with tape just in case. Another thing you can do is pressure wash your surfaces before putting the paint on to improve your paint’s durability.

Fill Dents and Sanding

Once you’ve ensured that your area is clean, inspect your walls to fix any dents. Our tip is to use a plaster and putty knife for covering fissures. You’ll also want to smooth any surfaces with sandpaper to level them out and provide an even base for your paint.

Remember Your Primer

Primer provides a base for your paint to stick and acts as a barrier between your walls and paint. This extends the lifespan of your paint and preserves its integrity. If you’re using bright colors, consider a tinted primer – they won’t require as many coats to look good.

What Will Your Employees Need?

You might not be able to schedule your painting project outside of working hours. If you are performing your painting during working hours, you will need to consider your employees’ needs. Even if the painting contractor performs all the necessary safety measures to ensure on-site wellbeing, it is still good practice to discuss the project with your employees beforehand. Let them know that you will be carrying out painting of the interior surfaces, and encourage your employees to inform you if they have any issues with this. Certain employees might be triggered by the smell of new paint, for instance, and you will need to consider their health.

Get Your Job Done Right

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