Posted By  rcc_admin  |  November 17, 2022

Flat roofing is not a new technique (think of the flat roofs used in the traditional architecture of the Southwest) but is still gaining more and more popularity today. Clients are realizing that commercial flat roofing can provide their properties with numerous benefits, which we discuss here.


It is difficult to find a type of roof that is more durable and functional than a flat roof. What makes this the case? Let’s think back to traditional Southwestern architecture, which was constructed in response to the arid climate of the region. Flat roofs were utilized in said architecture as they could withstand the harsh weather well. Flat roofs have also been shown to resist heavy damage, such as that caused by felled tree limbs. You can apply this durability to large commercial buildings, which require roofs that can support large mechanical devices such as air-conditioning and outdoor heating units.


You can use flat roofs in a variety of ways. You can merge the design with thermoplastic roofing to capture heat in winter and improve the overall heating efficiency of your building. A flat roof with rubber membranes can ensure that your commercial building is protected against the environment. How exactly you design and use your flat roof depends on what exactly you are using your building for, as well as the weather conditions in your area.


Flat roofs typically cover smaller surface areas, and use less complicated construction methods, than other roof designs. Still, you should consider that the exact cost of your roof depends on multiple factors, which include how complex the installation process is, the area your roof covers, and the materials used. Read more about commercial roofing products & materials.


The design of flat roofs means that they are safer to work on. Any upkeep that you need to perform on them can be done without having to worry about risks, such as falls. Although you will still need to strictly adhere to all safety protocols and remember to be careful while conducting maintenance work, it is easier to keep your balance on a flat roof compared to other designs.

Quicker Installation Process

The plain structure of flat roofs means that flat roof installation requires less time to complete. When constructing a flat roof, you will need fewer materials and equipment than pitched roofs. Because of this, it is also less likely that the installation of a flat roof will disrupt your business hours.

Choosing the Best Roof for You

While a flat roof brings many advantages to commercial buildings, there are many options you can choose from. We recommend that you speak to a contractor with experience in roof installation. This will help you find out what option is the most suitable for your particular building.


Why choose Roof Core Cut

Core cut analysis is a critical step in helping to determine and recommend a new roof system. Without accurate information, a professional roofing contractor cannot offer accurate pricing.

Basing price on assumptions without confirming accurate information leaves the contractor and customer open to a project where a contractor may cut corners to remain whole on the project or change order the customer for the difference.

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