The importance of proper surface preparation

Posted By  rcc_admin  |  August 16, 2022

You must be aware of how rough surface preparation is if you have ever installed flooring. Concrete is tougher than a wooden subfloor, hence, it needs to be well prepared for any treatment to be effective. Here is the importance of proper surface preparation.


After a while, concrete will have debris ground in, stuck to it, and smeared. Therefore, proper surface preparation is important. With the help of surface preparation experts, the debris attached to your concrete floor will be cleaned away with ease. The advantage of this is that any method will adhere and absorb, making it work better when needed. 


Using a concrete surface has the drawback of allowing things to discolor it. It has the same analogy as if you park your car on a concrete floor only for the vehicle fluid to stain it. Surface preparation services will remove those unattractive stains with a good preparation plan. Additionally, they will give your concrete floor a more vibrant appearance. Once the surface preparation has started, you will notice a difference almost instantly, whether they are utilizing diamond grinders, shot blasters, or chemical cleaners.

It Reveals Dents and Cracks

Every concrete floor has objects dropped on it, resulting in cracks and dents. Cracks can form fairly immediately due to several factors, such as excessive weight, buried roots, frozen water, and even moving ground. These flaws and structural problems will be made clear by comprehensive surface preparation by surface preparation experts, which will also assist you in fixing them. Repairing cracks, and dents, to create a clean, smooth surface is a significant component of proficient surface preparation.

Better Coating

Any sealant or stain will function less effectively on a concrete floor that has not been professionally treated because of stains, residue, blemishes, and inconsistent surfaces. A few of those things will not only prevent the sealant from adhering to them but filling them will also take more sealant than is required to fill in places where the concrete is not leveled or smooth. When the coat is complete, failing to correct the blemishes could result in a sealant that is less effective than it could be.

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Uneven Application of Paint or Sealant 

It will be difficult to cover your floor evenly without proper surface preparation. While certain areas will soak up sealer or paint, others will only need the absolute minimum. Your complete concrete floor is basically in the same starting position after surface preparation. This in turn enables you to apply sealant evenly and properly predict how much sealant you will need, both of which will enable you to save money.

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