Protect All Flooring

Protect All Flooring

Looking for durable flooring for your commercial building? Or wondering what are the most durable commercial flooring options out there? Regardless of the specific purpose(s) you need it to serve, our team at Reynolds Construction can recommend and install the most suitable type of flooring for your needs. To explore your durable commercial flooring options during a customized consultation, please feel free to get in touch with us today!

What is Protect-All Flooring?

As an environmentally-friendly and slip-resistant flooring option, Protect-All Flooring is well-loved by our commercial customers. We recommend it for a wide range of applications, from indoor basketball courts and classrooms to commercial kitchens. With more than 90% of the flooring being made from pre-consumer materials, you can rest assured you have chosen an eco-friendly solution!
Options include:

  • Interlocking tiles
  • Fully adhered vinyl sheets
  • Loose-lay floor covers

No matter which option you go for, you will be able to benefit from the following properties:

Durable Flooring for the Toughest Environments.

Protect-All is able to withstand a variety of temperatures and weight loads, from steamy conditions to sub-zero temperatures. This makes it perfect for use in environments where extreme temperatures are involved, such as warehouses for perishables and commercial kitchens. Its durable construction is also able to resist heavy impacts that are common in harsh working environments.

High-Performance and Low-Maintenance

Protect-All flooring is easy to maintain and comes with a long lifespan. All you need is a brush, bucket, sponge and cleaning chemicals. The disinfectant products you normally use on floors will work well for this versatile material.

Longer Lifespan

Fewer seams on top of a non-porous construction mean that Protect-All flooring is non-absorbent to a wide range of substances, including animal fat, chemicals, grease, fluids, odors, mildew, stains and bacteria. If you operate in an industry where getting such liquids on the floor is almost inevitable, you will no longer need to worry about having to replace your flooring prematurely.

Soft Underfoot to Minimize Employee Fatigue

Protect-All is an excellent choice for all applications, including high-impact ones. It helps to reduce leg fatigue by providing a soft underfoot for workers. This comes with the dual benefits of keeping employees motivated energized to work while improving productivity in the workplace!

Keeping You Safe

Did you know that Protect-All flooring is certified by the National Floor Safety Institute? Regardless of whether you are using it for work or play, the chances of slips and falls can be reduced with proper maintenance. Its thickness also contributes towards absorbing and bringing down noise levels, ensuring minimal disturbance to neighbors or other parts of your commercial building.

When you are looking for Protect-All flooring installation services, you have come to the right place at Reynolds Construction. For heavy duty flooring and certified flooring that ticks all your boxes, you can entrust our team with your next project. Let our knowledgeable and experienced team handle every aspect of installation for your peace of mind. Feel free to check out our Protect-All flooring reviews to find out what it is our clients love so much about this eco-friendly and highly functional flooring option!

Applications include:

  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Retail
  • Automotive Sales & Repair Centers
  • Aquatic Flooring
  • Athletic Flooring
  • Education Flooring
  • Healthcare Flooring
  • Animal Care Flooring



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