School Roofing

Reynolds Construction and Commercial Roofing provides complete educational facility roofing services for schools of any size. No matter what type of roof, or roofing material your school building may have, we can provide a solution for you. For schools, colleges, and universities in the state of Arkansas, Missouri, or Lousiana, Reynolds Construction Company is the roofing contractor to meet your school’s needs.

School roofs must be durable, safe, and provide a secure environment for both students and teachers. Duro-Last Roofing Systems provide protection from harsh weather situations and because of their durability and proven performance to bad weather, these roofs are excellent for school buildings.

School Building Roofing Contractor

The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS) Roofing Vendor

Reynolds Construction Company is an approved vendor for our roofing services with The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS), and we carry a JOC contract for roofing and construction services. Our company has partnered with this cooperative to bring contract savings to schools, universities, and colleges nationwide. 

Why Choose Reynolds as Your School Roofing Contractor?

Reynolds Construction and Commercial Roofing understands that your school may be occupied during the time of a re-roofing project, which is why we are dedicated to the safety of the students and the staff at all times. Our compliance with strict safety measures is as reliable as our roofing systems.

Another great benefit of using a Duro-Last roofing solution for school buildings is that installation is quiet and safe, without loud machinery, hot tar, or a mess. This means that Reynolds Construction and Commercial Roofing can install your school’s roofing system without disrupting day-to-day school activities.

Contact us for a free inspection of your school roof in Arkansas, Missouri, and Louisiana. Our school building roofing contractors will take care of the rest!