Hospital Roofing Contractor

Are you aware that a poor roofing job can have adverse effects on the health of your patients? Contaminants like mold and even water from leaking ceilings can affect the health of patients, especially the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. Mold spores travel to various parts of the property and trigger health issues like asthma, headaches, rashes, or other respiratory issues when inhaled.

Thus, it is important to schedule regular roof maintenance and repairs, especially if you have an old building. This is the key to preventing major property repair costs in the future whether you run a hospital, nursing home or dental clinic.

Why Choose Reynolds Construction & Commercial Roofing as Your Healthcare Facility Roofing Contractor?

Reynolds Construction & Commercial Roofing is familiar with healthcare facility requirements and will follow HIPAA and all regulations set in place by the facility. Moreover, we understand that healthcare facilities will always be occupied so we ensure that peace of mind and safety are not compromised. We do this by using Duro-Last custom fabricated roofing membrane which makes installation quick and easy. It meets all code, fire and wind requirements so you can be assured that the job gets done right the first time around. When performing your maintenance inspection, we will not only check for current problems but also areas that could present issues in the future.

Commercial Healthcare Facility Roofing Services in Arkansas & Missouri

The healthcare systems in the states of Missouri and Arkansas are robust and Reynolds Construction & Commercial Roofing is here to make your healthcare facilities infallible by offering tailor-made commercial roofing solutions.

  • Commercial Roofing Repair: Repairing your roof regularly is important to maintain the structural integrity of any building. Indeed, leaks can deteriorate not only the top layer of every material but other layers too.
  • Commercial Roof Maintenance: Wear and tear is normal and common for all roofs, especially those in the southern states that experience inclement weather conditions. Regular maintenance should be scheduled to minimize repairs.
  • Commercial Roof Inspection: Roof inspection is common for buildings that are old but all buildings could benefit from a visual inspection that gives you an idea of potential repairs.
  • Commercial Roof Evaluation: We provide free roof evaluation, understanding that business owners need peace of mind before committing to expensive repair and maintenance procedures.
  • Commercial Roof Evaluation Installation: Roof installation is not the loud and messy process that you’re probably anticipating. With our specialized Duro-Last Technology, we’re confident in providing efficient installation.

Commercial Remodeling & Construction Services in Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Louisiana & Mississippi

In Arkansas and its neighboring states, we offer general contracting services. We have in-depth knowledge of all things construction from building code requirements to drywall finishing. What sets us apart is our proven track record for completing projects with no delays or hidden costs. Our dedicated team of workers is to thank for that with their tireless service.

Here are our commercial remodeling & construction capabilities:

  • Commercial Painting Services
  • Flooring
  • Framing
  • Sheetrock & Drywall
  • Ceilings
  • Hardware Installation
  • Cabinets & Finish Carpentry