Electrostatic Paint Services

Electrostatic painting uses a magnetic field to apply paint to various types of metals.



Using positively charged ions attached to atomized particles. These particles gravitate to grounded, negatively charged metal. Much like a balloon with static electricity, the charge “sticks” the tinted particles to the object and disperses it evenly. Attracted statically to the metal from every direction so there is negligible overspray or mess.

The finish is plated on and provides a smooth, hard enamel finish.

Electrostatic painting is a clean, very efficient, and cost-effective method of painting.

Electrostatic paint services can be used on the following

These services are currently offered in Arkansas and Missouri

  • School lockers
  • Decorative ironwork
  • Guard rails both indoor and outdoor
  • Metal fences (i.e chainlink)
  • Steel file cabinets
  • Warehouse and facilities/shop equipment
  • Steel desks
  • Production machines in factory setting
  • Metal chair frames


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