Electrostatic Painting & Finishing Services

Electrostatic painting uses a magnetic field to apply paint to various types of metals.



Positively charged ions bound to atomized particles are used in electrostatic painting. Negatively charged, grounded metal attracts these particles. The charge "sticks" the tinted particles to the object and distributes them uniformly, much like static electricity does for a balloon. There will be very little overspray or mess because the metal will be statically attracted to it from every angle.

The finish is plated on and provides a smooth, hard enamel finish.

Electrostatic painting is a clean, very efficient, and cost-effective method of painting.

Electrostatic paint services can be used on the following

Electrostatic painting services are currently offered in Arkansas and Missouri. Such services can be used on:

  • School lockers
  • Decorative ironwork
  • Guard rails (both indoor and outdoor)
  • Metal fences (i.e chainlink)
  • Steel file cabinets
  • Warehouse and facilities/shop equipment
  • Steel desks
  • Production machines in factory setting
  • Metal chair frames

Benefits Of Electrostatic Painting

Looking to breathe new life into your old metal fixtures and surfaces? If so, there are a few options you can choose from, and one of the most popular methods of painting metal surfaces today has to be electrostatic painting. There are many benefits of electrostatic painting as opposed to other methods such as powder coating, which we will share more about in this article.

Short Turnaround Time

When carrying out any kind of work on your commercial premises, a turnaround time can always be expected. During this downtime, you will not be able to carry out business operations. Therefore, you will want to minimize this duration so that you are not losing out on too much revenue. With electrostatic painting, you can get the job done one day and be ready to resume operations within the next day or two. Unlike powder coating, where your metal items have to be cured in an oven for drying, electrostatic painting allows items to dry virtually overnight. 

Minimize Wastage and Expenditure

You may already know that electrostatic painting works by attracting negatively charged metal to positively charged paint, allowing the paint to wrap around metal surfaces. The end result is minimal over-spraying, with a transfer rate reaching up to 98%! This high-efficiency rate is not only environmentally friendly, but with such a low level of wastage, it means that you will not have to spend more than necessary on paint.

Versatility for Customization

Do you wish to replicate the original factory paint that your metal surfaces came with or opt for a brand-new look altogether? Regardless of what you desire, your preferences can be met when you choose electrostatic painting. A wide range of color choices is available for you to select, and no matter your choice, you can be sure that your metal fixtures will look brand new after the electrostatic painting process.

Enhanced Durability

One great perk of electrostatic painting is that its coating creates a non-porous surface on your metal fixtures, keeping bacterial and fungal growth at bay. This strong base also improves the resilience of your metal items to harsh conditions and environments. The overall result is a longer lifespan and enhanced durability, which will allow your money to stretch that much further. 

Come to Reynolds Construction Company for Professional Electrostatic Painting Services 

If your company requires electrostatic painting services, look no further than Reynolds Construction Company as your one-stop shop today. Within our repertoire of services, you can find various commercial painting services to suit your unique industrial needs, including exterior painting. We are able to carry out electrostatic painting on filing cabinets, school lockers, metal doors and gates, decorative ironwork, workshop equipment, and many others. When you first engage our services, we will carry out a free inspection of your premises before providing you with an itemized list of estimates. You can enjoy full confidence in our expertise, knowing that we have more than 30 years of experience to our name. Contact us for a quote today!