Durable Solutions

Metal Retrofit Roofing Services

Has time caught up with your metal roof? Duro-Last Metal Retrofit is the solution! Avoid replacing your metal roofing by covering the roof with PVC single-ply membrane. While metal roofs can offer lower initial installation costs and protection against fire, installing a Duro-Last single-ply membrane over your metal roof means:

  • No more seam and fastener problems.
  • No more cracks and leaks around penetrations.
  • No more rust and corrosion.

Metal Retrofit Benefits

  • The Custom-Fabriation Advantage

    Through Duro-Last's custom-fabricated retrofit roofing systems - which can include both membrane and accessories - up to 85% of the seams can be completed in a factory-controlled environment. This eliminates most of the on-site fabrication that can lead to roof leaks.

  • Energy-Efficient

    By reflecting up to 88% of the sun’s energy, Duro-Last white roofing systems can greatly reduce energy costs.