Roofing Repair Services

In commercial roofing, there are three main types of roofs: flat, low-sloped, and pitched. Each type is built according to the needs of your building function and budget. All roofs are susceptible to various types and degrees of damage. Some of the things that can cause damage are severe weather, services to rooftop equipment, improper installation, traffic on the roof, and neglect.  

Severe damage will cause leaks and deterioration on any roofing type. Leaks left unaddressed will cause chemical and structural damage. Leaks will also deteriorate the top layer of material as well as every component involved in the roofing systems’ subsequent layers and accessories.

Finding and repairing roof leaks takes years of experience and knowledge of roofing installation methods. As a commercial roofing repair company, our roofers are qualified, reliable, and trained to provide commercial roofing restoration services for your roofing system without disrupting your everyday business operation. 

Severe Weather Roof Repair Services


  • Tip #1

    Following any major storm event, it can be a good idea to have a roof evaluation to check for any damage or debris.

  • Tip #2

    Roof maintenance, a preventative measure, is always recommended to keep any small leaks or deterioration you may not be aware of from turning into problematic situations.  

Why choose Reynolds Construction & Commercial Roofing?

At Reynolds Construction & Commercial Roofing, we provide a free inspection and estimate before we proceed with repairs. We will itemize all needed repairs and give you a complete and accurate assessment of repairs necessary. If quantifiable repairs are not possible, then we will negotiate a time and material contract to perform needed repairs. If a full replacement is required, we will work with you and help you decide what roofing system would serve you and your commercial building in the best possible way. 

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