Commercial Painting Services

Looking for commercial painting services to suit the interior and exterior needs of your building? At Reynolds Construction & Commercial Roofing, we provide quality commercial painting and finishing services throughout Arkansas and Missouri. Our professional commercial painters have the knowledge and know-how to efficiently complete your next commercial or industrial painting project. Below is an overview of our commercial painting services.

Cleaning and Surface Preparation (includes Power Washing and Surface Blasting with Aggregate or Soda Blasting)

Before starting any painting job, cleaning and surface preparation is the first step to ensuring that paint will adhere better to the surface(s) being painted. This means a longer-lasting paint job and more value for your money down the road! This process can be done either chemically or mechanically and can include oxidation, sanding of surfaces, removal of residue, and more.

Specialty Finishes (e.g., Epoxy and Catalyzed Finishing)

Depending on the specific surface that requires painting as well as the purpose it is meant to serve, you may find that specialty finishes will protect your investment for a longer time. Being chemical-resistant as well as wash- and scrub-resistant, a water-based catalyzed epoxy finish is recommended for use in harsh industrial and commercial environments.

Metal Roof Painting

Before starting to paint a metal roof, certain procedures need to be carried out. This includes inspection, surface preparation, and cleaning. This way, any existing problems can be fixed before painting commences, helping to prevent additional costs in future. Cleaning and surface preparation also helps to ensure that paint can adhere better for a durable job.

Interior Drywall Finishing

A finished drywall should have a completely smooth surface, no visible joints and be ready for a new paint job. The process of drywall finishing includes sanding the edges, hiding screw holes and sealing seams as well as making sure that the installation process was done properly. Let us prepare your drywall for painting today!

Interior Painting for Floors, Walls, Trim, Cabinets, and Doors

With interior painting, your priorities should be ease of maintenance as well as a long-lasting fresh look. For that to happen, your surfaces will need to be prepared adequately. We can do all that for you, including deciding on the best type of paint to use and getting rid of residue on your surfaces.

Exterior Painting for Metal, Masonry, Wood, and EIFS Surfaces

Unlike paints used for interior purposes, paints used for outdoor purposes will need to possess qualities such as UV resistance and mold resistance, amongst many others. This is a particular concern if you are based in an area with frequent snow, rainfall or extreme weather conditions. Let our professionals advise on the most suitable type of paint for your needs and ensure optimal adhesion.

Wondering about the commercial painting cost per square foot? Looking for interior painting services or exterior painting services? Our team at Reynolds Construction can answer your questions and provide you with all the services you need. When looking for the best local commercial painters or commercial painting contractors, turn to us as your reliable one-stop shop today!

 Interior and exterior painting service Markets

  • Schools
  • Hospitality buildings
  • Churches
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Industrial buildings
  • Gymnasiums

Why Choose Reynolds Construction Company’s Drywall Finishing Specialists?

Our experienced team at Reynolds Construction Company is ready to rise up to the challenge when your commercial drywall needs finishing. We understand that you want the project to be done right the first time to prevent any complications down the road as well as maximize the lifespan of your drywall. To this end, we always strive to provide you with honest advice and suggestions after carrying out an initial inspection of your premises. We are able to work with all kinds of commercial clients, including churches, healthcare facilities, hospitality establishments, and more.

For more information about our drywall finishing services, commercial painting service, and more, feel free to contact us today.