Cleaning and Surface Preparation Solution

If you are looking to get the roofs and/ other surfaces of your commercial property painted, it is important to carry out cleaning and surface preparation beforehand. Looking for the whole package of services? You have come to the right place at Reynolds Construction Company. We provide you with long-lasting commercial roofing and painting services so you don’t have to worry.

What Are Cleaning and Surface Preparation Services?

Cleaning and surface preparation is an essential step to ensure better adhesion to any surfaces you wish to get painted. This will provide you with a longer-lasting paint job and allow you to get the most out of your money.

On the other hand, if a surface was not adequately prepared for a paint job, this can result in premature flaking or peeling, and a larger expenditure on getting the job redone. Surface preparation can be done either mechanically or chemically, and this can include cleaning, oxidation, getting rid of residue and other imperfections, and many more.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Cleaning and Surface Preparation Services

When you require cleaning and surface preparation services, it’s always best to hire a professional. Here are some reasons why:

  • Professionals will know the best method of carrying out the service for the type of surface that requires painting. Whether your surface is wood, metal, or concrete, you can be sure that a professional knows what’s best for it.
  • There can be numerous steps to the process depending on the condition of your surface. For instance, cleaning and scraping may be enough for some surfaces, but others may require more extensive work. Professionals can handle every aspect for you, whereas if you are unaware or unfamiliar with what needs to be done, this can end up costing you more in the long run.

When Do You Need Cleaning and Surface Preparation Services?

You may be wondering if you need cleaning and surface preparation services before a commercial painting project. Watch out for the below signs that you do:

  • You can spot visible signs of dirt, residue, and oxidation on the surfaces that need to be painted
  • The surfaces are peeling or flaking in some way
  • You have tried giving the surfaces a basic cleaning but some stubborn stains remain, which can be a sign of a deeper issue
  • Previous paint jobs have not adhered well, and you are unsure of the reasons why

Why Choose Reynolds Construction Company’s Cleaning and Surface Preparation Specialists?

For over 30 years, Reynolds Construction Company has been serving a wide base of clients in Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi & Missouri. When you come to us for commercial roofing services, you can be sure that we take the time to understand your needs before recommending the most suitable solution for your business. Whether you run a school, retail store, or factory, we can provide you with the honest advice you need for any job you need to do.

For more information about our cleaning and surface preparation services, feel free to contact us today.