4 best healthcare flooring options

Posted By  rcc_admin  |  August 16, 2022

Hospitals must deal with a variety of demands daily, from heavy wear to cleanliness, while providing a comfortable healing environment. Your hospital’s flooring is an essential component of designing a high-quality care environment for your patients. Here are the four best healthcare flooring options you need to ensure a smooth and quality environment!


Terrazzo is a high-end, extremely long-lasting choice that requires little upkeep. It can currently be found in largely recyclable materials, is handicap-friendly, and withstands rolling loads effectively. This means that it is great for your hospital’s entrance area as it is a durable yet welcoming flooring that will promote your design, leaving a strong first impression. 


Installing rubber can help you save time as it comes with pre-applied adhesive on the backings. With protective coatings that fend against scratches and scuffs, rubber can be made to require less upkeep in terms of water, labor, and chemicals. Rubber floorings come in different hues, textures, and patterns. This makes it the best option for your hospital’s corridors and clinical areas, which are heavily used 24 hours by both foot traffic and large rolling loads including wheelchairs, stretchers, and medical carts. 

Rubber also maintains a high level of durability, resulting in reduced maintenance. With the variety of patterns and hues available, rubber can make it easier to make distinct trails that separate care areas. Looking for slip-resistant healthcare flooring? We offer healthcare flooring installation that is durable and low maintenance, making it the ideal choice.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

LVT is another durable option that is a great option no matter where it is placed. Similar to rubber, it also comes with a pre-applied adhesive and protective coatings. Free-floating LVT could do away with adhesives entirely. LVT also imitates calming natural textures like stone and wood but is more durable and less expensive than conventional materials. This makes them great for entrance areas, corridors, and the cafeteria.


A properly fitted resin floor can give your establishment a strong, secure, and adaptable walking surface. Resin floors are also among the most chemically resistant and hygienic flooring options available. Hence, it is the most ideal flooring for emergency and operating rooms. Emergency and surgery rooms must adhere to the strictest standards for infection control and be accessible round-the-clock. You will want materials that encourage hygiene and are simple to clean. Hence, utilizing flooring with a low or smooth texture and performing proper installation such as resin, prevents liquids and dirt from seeping beneath your floor’s surface. 

Spills can be quickly cleaned up by wiping them away because they never settle or sink below the surface. Industrial resin floors may fulfill almost any design idea thanks to their numerous design possibilities and adaptations.

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